Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So having been doing this a good few years now, I always find it interesting to hear of couples regrets after their wedding day. I mean I honestly try to create a day where my couples have no regrets, but today I have culminated a list of 8 different things that I hear people have regretted doing or not doing on their wedding day.

I can only advice my couples, at that end of the day... you do you. It's your wedding day and you need to make decisions that reflect you as a couple. But here are a list of those 8 regrets that I try to make my couples aware of before their wedding.

Biggest Regrets:

1. Not eating enough

You MUST remember to eat on your wedding day! That goes for breakfast when you're getting ready, ensuring you have canapés and eating your main meal.

It is such a long day, filled with adrenalin and excitement. You need to fuel yourself and line your stomach. The last thing you want is getting the shakes because you have been so busy, you've forgotten to eat!

2. Not saying Hi to everyone

You don't want to get to the next day and realise you didn't speak to anti Julie! Try and fit in a little chat with all your guests throughout the day. An ideal way of doing this is either ra receiving line or the wedding breakfast walk around, both of which I have talked about before. Check them out Here and Here.

3. Not getting to dance

Moving on from the last point. If you are chatting to all yours guests in the evening, you may find that you don't get to get on the dance floor. If that is something that is important to you, then make sure you have a plan in place so you can dance the night away. whether that is chatting to guests at the pearlier parts of the day. Or having someone that gets you on the dance floor.

4. Not taking 5 just as a couple to soak it all up