Who To Invite To Your Wedding

Who to invite to your wedding, guest list

Right Lovely people, this post is all about the guest list. More specifically who you should invite and who you shouldn't! I want you to be able to walk away from reading this, knowing exactly how to cull that list of 6,000 guests down to your perfect number!

So let's start by you writing down every single person you think you want to invite to your wedding and even those you FEEL YOU SHOULD invite. You may even need to add some people you're requested to invite as well- tough subject and we will talk about it!


Ok so these guys should really be your definite's! But what about the family members that don't fall within your inner circle shall we say? That cousin you haven't seen in years, your godmother who you actually haven't seen in over 15 years. this is one of the most complicated parts of the guest list, because you'll get the 'but they're family' quote thrown out. However my saying still stands, "you do you!" - preferably with offending as minimal people as possible.

I for example had my Uncle fly over from America for my wedding and my godmother flew over from Spain. However my cousin (my uncles son) wasn't invited because I don't think I'd seen him for about 15 years, if not more! And this is potentially controversial, but I invited my other cousin (my Aunt's son) to the full shebang, but we only invited her daughter to the evening. We decided on that set up because we spent most Christmases with my Aunts son, but I hadn't seen her daughter in years.

My husbands godparents were invited to just the evening reception because in the 6 years we had been together before getting married, I had never met, nor heard of them. Whereas my godmother we saw every year and visited in Spain.

Hopefully that gives you a little context. there are no set rules, just be sensitive and work out what's right for you. You can save everyone's feelings, but tread carefully.


Do you want a child free wedding? Don't feel awkward about this one at all!!

I'm a mum and if someone told me they were having a kid free wedding, I'd jump for joy. I love my kids, but hey every parent wants a night off with their friends. We want to grab our dancing shoes and head over to the dance floor!

What you do however need to consider is if you are having some kids. that's when you can either open a can of worms, or accidentally offend people. So just think about it.