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When it comes to planning your drinks reception, you may wonder what elements there are to consider and how long to allow for your drinks reception?

At Bluebird Creative our golden number is an hour and a half. That is the ideal time for your guests to mingle, have a drink, but not get fidgety or get too merry! If you need to tweak your timings we suggest no more than 2 hours if possible.

A drinks reception can be broken down into the following 4 elements:


The key is in the title. It is your drinks reception, so you need to consider what drinks you would like to serve. It is traditional for there to be champagne for guests. But in recent years Prosecco has definitely become a favourite at weddings. Ideally there will be 2 types of alcoholic drinks and a soft drinks version.

Couples may decide on Prosecco and an alcoholic cocktail, such as Pimms or Aperol Spritz alongside an elderflower cordial. Some couples may opt to add bottled beer to the mix as well.

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Canapes are usually served during the drinks reception for guests to have a little nibble before the wedding breakfast a little later. These are usually savoury bites, but couples may decide to opt for sweet varieties instead. By having canapés it keeps guests satisfied, without getting too hungry and is a little bit of stomach lining, whilst they enjoy a drink.