Introducing Hanson and Hopewell..... Their essential guide to buying wedding gifts for your bridal p

Hanson and Hopewell

In the words of Dua Lipa, you can make your own rules (and count ‘em) when it comes to wedding gifting for the bridal party. It can feel that the buying list is endless – mother of the bride, father of the groom, your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, page boys, flower girls – but when it comes to who you buy for, and the budget you choose for each bridal party gift – the most important thing is to celebrate your relationships and show how grateful you are to the people who have been by your side

Buying gifts for the wedding party is never on top of the wedding planning list, but if you make space for a row in that mother of all spreadsheets from the start, it’s something that you can look forward to once the big decisions are out of the way.

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Wedding gifting can be a bit of a minefield. With a high street full of uninspiring novelty products, it can be difficult to find something meaningful and personal for the people who have helped create your big day. If you’re stuck for gifting inspiration, the new movement is to tap into wedding gifting experts to create bespoke wedding gifts for each member of the wedding party.

Laura Hanson and Katrina Hopewell are thankfully changing the wedding gifting landscape with their luxury label, Hanson & Hopewell. Founded in December 2016 with the goal to make gifting stylish and personal, as well as tell a unique story, the talented duo create unique keepsakes and uncover hidden gems from the best independent makers in the UK to create that ‘wow’ gifting moment for each member of the wedding party. We spoke to Katrina to get their essential guide to buying wedding gifts for your bridal party.