4 Reasons to use a wedding or event planner

Designing and creating a wedding or event is a full time job. It can be very overwhelming at times, albeit extremely exciting. Couples may choose a planner for numerous reasons, whether it is the amount of time needed to plan their wedding, wanting professional help bringing their ideas to life, needing guidance along the way or someone to help with the styling. Whatever the reason, an event planner can help make the whole experience much less stressful and therefore let the couple not only enjoy the day, but the planning process as well.

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Planning a wedding or event is extremely time consuming and most people do not realise quite how much time it can take up until they are half way in! This can obviously cause some stress as you wouldn’t have expected to have to find so much time to plan, and perhaps don’t have it available around a full time job. Sadly, the enjoyment of planning then slips away. Planning a wedding for example can take between 180-200 hours to plan. An event planner has the time to take on the jobs you can’t fit in or don’t want to deal with as it is after all, their full time job.


Choosing to have someone help manage the planning for your event or wedding means that you are getting use of their knowledge of the industry. They will think of details you wouldn’t realise to consider, such as have you arranged the power supply if you’re wedding is in a marquee? They can also make suggestions for personal touches and details that you haven’t thought of, but would love! An event planner will know what questions to ask potential suppliers as well as helping breakdown your budget and suggest where to spend more and where to save, letting you know what will have a better impact. An event planner has done it before and although they will strive to create a unique event for every client, they know the industry and can help guide you through the process.

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