10 Steps To Planning your Wedding

I mean if you really do want to summarise it down, I can round up your planning into 10 steps. I'm not gong to say 'simple steps', because they are pretty meaty steps. But by categorising these steps, it helps the brain process what actually needs to be done in the time between getting engaged and your wedding day.

Lauren Goodman, wedding planner

I am an advocate for mental health. I hate the idea of anyone feeling overwhelmed, letting anxiety creep in or feeling stressed. So if I can ease any of that a little bit by simplifying your steps, giving you extra information and making your planning that much easier, then I sure am going to try!

So let's break this down into my 10 categories to planning your wedding day! If you think this is helpful and really want a bit more depth, then sign up to The Bride Plan waitlist HERE, to be informed about when it opens.

10 steps to planning your wedding

1: First Steps

- Now first steps would cover those all important first 4 steps......... Guest numbers, budget, date and location. If you didn't catch it, then I have a youtube video on this topic HERE.

- You want to start that Pinterest board, to get your inspiration and ideas.

- Choose your bridal party

- Start your spreadsheet to keep yourself super organised throughout planning.

2: Budgets

Budget deserves it's own step in my opinion. It is THE most important step in your planning to keep that stress at bay, so don't skip it out!