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Technical Director

Events Planner 



I am lucky to have started a business with my wife Lauren as we share so many similar interests together. We both have a passion for success and a zest for life, sounds corny but it’s true.


I have come from a background of being a professional musician after graduating University in 2004. Unlike the stereotypical student who lazes around, when you are training to become a professional musician at a young age you need extreme dedication and endless hours of practise in your discipline to achieve results. In some ways I feel like I have possessed this work ethic all my life. This is something I try and bring to work with me to help reach personal and business goals.


I started up in the events industry in 2006 working as a professional live sound engineer. If there’s one thing which has helped me progress in my career as a technician, it’s actually been people skills, not extended technical knowledge.

I am lucky enough to have travelled the world working on exciting events both corporate and for private individuals. I have also had the opportunity to work in many Royal households in the UK. Which has taught me a lot about etiquette and attention to detail.


My skill in seeing the bigger picture in events is what has attracted me to become an event planner. I love the challenge (which can be scary at times) and playing a huge part of the creative process.

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