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Wild For You - A 70's Inspired Wedding Design

Over the last decade there has been a number of shifts when it comes to the look & feel of a couple’s wedding day; couples are bringing individuality and uniqueness to their special day more than ever, really making it bespoke to them.

The concept 'Wild For You' brings just that; first and foremost a ‘nod’ to the soul of the 70s, a boost of colour and flavour, breaking the traditional mould of pastels & floral features. Our mission on this shoot, was to showcase a unique design to a sailcloth marquee (10m x 21m in size) provided by Coastal Tents, and how you can use this space. It really oozed vibrancy, indulgent tones and funky energy!

“When Karianne from Bespoke at Little Manor Farm approached me to collaborate on a shoot to highlight how her space can work for alternative marquee weddings, I was really excited to pull together some fun design ideas.” - Lauren Goodman

In collaboration with Bespoke at Littleton Manor Farm, we brought Wild For You to life!

Littleton Manor Farm is beautifully set within 70 acres of a family-run private estate and really makes for a perfect opportunity to take a blank canvas and create something truly unique – which is exactly what we were able to do with Wild For You. This venue celebrates and empowers couples to create their own bespoke setting. We were both really keen to showcase how simple it can be to create such an impactful design from scratch.

The Bridal Look

Before we dive into the styling of the surroundings, let’s start with the bride. To reflect the 70s vibe we chose, along with hair and makeup stylist Olivia Mills, a natural makeup look which also allowed the bride's natural beauty to shine through. A bouncy hairstyle represented that fun, yet relaxed energy, accompanied by a turquoise halo headband, provided by Victoria Percival to complete the look.

Both the outfits of the bride and the groom were kept in theme by showing something quite different. The Bridal Indulgence Boutique offered us a two-piece outfit for the bride, which was flowy, relaxed and free spirited. The complimenting three piece suit for the groom was from Stephen Bishop Suiting.

Time To Style

To create that 70s soul, we opted for jewel tone colours throughout which really added to the fun energy we were looking for, whilst maintaining that luxe feel every wedding deserves. You’ll notice the use of disco balls throughout the design, from the cake to the décor, these for me, really summed up that funky vibe we wanted to bring out. Who doesn’t love a discoball?

Highlighting the party vibes, we chose tasteful neon pink signage which complemented the disco balls perfectly and also created statement around the tent. Nikki from The Toast supplied the most perfect props and furniture to accompany this vibe, again echoing that 70s soul with vintage velvet seating, a fun bar set up, added to exciting small props such as the ceramic roller skates from home brand Audenza. Props and furniture can really add texture to your wedding scene, as well as creating areas for congregation.

Sustainable Choices

Another element we tried to incorporate throughout was the sustainable choices you can make when designing your wedding. This was something as a collective of suppliers we were really passionate about bringing to the forefront.

The Possible, Is Possible

Something the entire team involved we're passionate about was really showcasing the creative, behind the creative. The actual practical steps couples can take to achieve a look like this and yes, it is really possible. A number of DIY aspects were included to demonstrate that you can still add DIY to your wedding day and it can look fab! Can you spot them?

Probably not, they look that amazing! We’ll let you into the secret, the escort table plan and wedding shoes... click on the links to watch my DIY videos of these items!

More is More

This was really a running theme throughout the concept and something each supplier embraced, creating depth and layering to the overall look. The use of house plants provided by Between Two Thorns, added to that flavour.

“The amount of people renting house plants for weddings or events we’ve found has really increased. People want a low budget option that gives maximum impact and is sustainable to boot, what’s not to like!”– Between Two Thorns, Alys

Wild For You featured both suspended plants (big Boston Ferns, Palms and Pathos) from the central focal point above the table as well as lining the table and dotted around, creating focal points and drawing your eyes to other places within the tent. The use of the pink and gold pots for the plants contributed to the overall pop of colour and the plants chosen really added depth.

In addition to the use of house plants, we wanted to incorporate seasonal blooms such as: SweetPeas, Ranunculus, Campanula and home-grown Hellebores. These were provided by Liz at Flower and Fern Studio. It was really important that the blooms and house plants worked together, especially as we were going with bold colours. To bring structure and modernity, Liz brought in bold globes of Alliums, and to complement the plants used in the stylings headed slipper Orchids for a tropical touch, which again celebrated the 70s theme.

“I love working with painterly blooms like the orchids and hellebores as they include many different tones that are picked up in the brighter flowers, and help to bridge the gap between bright colours so that they look considered rather than thrown together.”– Flower and Fern Studio, Liz

Let’s Lay The Table

We brought something slightly different to the table with this table setting, instead of using fabric to line the table, we used a really fun wallpaper (which was actually only £7.99 per roll off of amazon...oh yes!). This wallpaper was used as the backdrop to the escort card display as well so we managed to maximise usage whilst maintaining style. The table setting was accompanied by bright candles, Manson cutlery in dark green and gold to match the wallpaper. Fife from The Bailey Table Hire also provided us with ceramic blush dinner plates which mirrored the plant pots and some of the décor items, really bringing the whole scene together. The glassware was supplied The Bailey Events Company and again we opted for pink with a gold trim to mirror the rest of the styling.

Did You See The Cake!

In line with the overall concept of the shoot, it was really important to include ‘the cake of all cakes’, something you really wouldn’t have seen before. Marie at Love and Cake brought bold colours that carried depth and bejewelling bright colours that popped. Celebrating the 70s, nothing felt more topical to include than disco balls and a roller skate cake topper. Unique piping techniques were used to create a 3D texture which helped the cake stand out amongst the foliage, velvets and neon signs around it. This cake is truly unique and something that would leave any guest asking ‘But did you see the cake?!”

It's All in The Details

Sometimes it really is the small touches that bring everything together and, in this case, the stationery provided by SO Calligraphy, Stacy Oakley, really did just that. We decided that we needed to embrace the shape and colour of the shoot into the stationery by moving away from traditional rectangular shapes, to more rounded arches for the menus and semi circles for the escort cards. The escort cards were then doubled up as place cards, a small saving our couples can make.

The table plan was something that we wanted to showcase as an area of DIY our couples can embrace with ease! We created the plan using eye catching wallpaper attached to a board of MDF and then added pins for the individual names. Myself and Stacy have videoed this particular creation on my YouTube Channel and it really is achievable. To finalise the look, we combined handwritten calligraphy with contemporary fonts which helped create an edge and contemporary feel.

It’s A Wrap!

It was so important that this creation was captured in the right way, both in the photography but also the videography. We really wanted everyone to feel immersed in the energy and vibrancy of this styling, Angel at Each and Every Moment captured this to a T! As well as capturing the style, Angel created a behind the scenes series, showcasing all of the work that went into the design concept, we really felt this was important to our audience so they could see how achievable a look like this is. To really capture that wild and fun vibe, raw clips were included and juxtaposed with shots of finer details, as well as slow motion shots.

Wild For You really demonstrates how unique and creative you can be when it comes to designing your wedding. We hope as empowered and creative couples, you can feel the energy of the theme and that it helps to inspire you to bring something different to your wedding, possibly incorporate a bit of DIY and think sustainably.

However, if you're struggling with bringing your design ideas to life then we can help! I'm passionate about interpreting couples ideas and personalities and bringing them to life in the details of the day. So what are you waiting for get in touch now or take a look at our design services.

This shoot wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for this amazing bunch of people...

Creative design and concept - Lauren Goodman at Bluebird Creative

Planned by - Karianne at Bespoke Events Management and Lauren Goodman at Bluebird Creative

Marquee - Coastal Tents (showcasing their new sailcloth tent)

Photographer - Benjamin Wheeler

Second Photographer - We Are The James's

Videographer - Each and Every Moment

Hair & Makeup Artist - Olivia Mills

Plant Hire - Between Two Thorns

Furniture & Decor Hireables - The Toast

Cake Topper - Lulu Q Studio

Crockery Hire - The Bailey Events Company

Decor Items and Mini Neons - Audenza (home living brand)

Dress Boutique - Bridal Indulgence Boutique

Bridal Accessorises and Jewellery - Victorial Percival

Models (Olivia and Tom) - One Soul Two Models


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