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What Is In My Wedding Day Emergency Kit Bag?

So this seems to be something that piques a little interest. Brides, potential clients, new wedding planners and aspiring wedding planners all seem to want to know what I carry in my kit bag on a wedding day!

Well I can tell you it's a lot! And it is super varied. I mean think Narnia.

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Photo By Sophie Duckworth


Let's just start at the top and quickly touch on where I keep my kit and how I keep it organised. I have a wheeley trolley case, which has different sections for me to keep everything organised it. Easy access is key and you don't want to be rummaging through your bag trying to find things in a hurry! I split my kit into 2 parts. One with the items I have for the bride, groom, guests and so on and then my production kit. That way i'm not lugging around production kit, if the bride needs some extra Bobbi pins! Once the wedding has begun I will have both kits on me. One piece of advice - don't leave your bridal party kit unattended! Although well meaning, it can end up being rummaged and left empty, dishevelled and disorganised usually by bridesmaids who have very good intentions. they may be keeping a few bits for later, just in case. But all the same, perhaps take it to your clients as and when they need it.


Here is my full kit list. Just a little side note, if you are a bride reading this, you DO NOT need to have all of this on you on the day! But it may help you spark ideas of some ideas that would be handy to have in your bag. I just like to be the most organised person on the day, I mean that is my job right?!

Bride’s Kit:

Mini Emergency Kit (just the essentials—like plasters, antiseptic cleaning wipes, neosporin, etc.)

Mini Sewing Kit incl. white and nude threads and scissors (Pre-threaded for quick fixes)

Tissue Pack

Nail Polish Remover

Clear Nail Polish - good for runs in tights!

Lint Rollers

White Wine Vinegar - in a spray bottle for red wine stains

Cotton Balls & Q-Tips

Sunscreen & Bug Repellant

Paracetamol (be sure to keep an eye on the expiration date)

Tampons / Feminine Care

Bobby Pins (in black, brown and blonde)

Hair Elastics (in black, brown and blonde)

Mini Hair Spray

Deodorant Spray


Hand Sanitizer

Baby Wipes

Makeup Remover Wipes

Safety Pins

Pearl Pins

Cough Syrup (be sure to keep an eye on the expiration date)

Body Adhesive Tape

Mini Mirror

White Chalk (to cover up stains on your bride’s wedding dress)

Breath Mints

Nude Tights

Planner’s/Production Kit:

First Aid Kit

Tissue Packs

Business Cards

Mini tool kit (screwdriver, swiss knife, hammer)

Breath Mints

Pens & Pencils

Permanent Markers & Highlighters

Pin Container with Safety Pins / Pearl Pins / Straight Pins / Floral Pins



Pain Reliever (keep an eye on the expiration date)

Baby Powder

Multiple Stick Lighters

Torch (always check batteries beforehand)

AAA & AA Batteries

Tape Measure

Bottle Opener

White & Black Zip Ties (varied sizes)

A Roll of Baker’s Twine (perfect for lining up the aisle or a row of chairs)

Outdoor Extension Cord

Box of Tea Light


Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Gorilla Glue

Glue Dots

Stapler & Staples

Portable Umbrellas

Bin Bags

Assorted Tape: Duct Tape, Gaff Tape, Scotch Tape, Double Sided Tape

Utility Knife and Scissors (assorted, including extra sharp scissors designated for ribbon)

Floral Wire, Floral Tape, Pruning Sheers, Stem Cutters and Wire Cutters

Satin Ribbon (to match the event’s color palette, white and ivory)

Phone Charger / Power Dock (for recharging my mobile on the go)

Handheld Steamer

Snacks (in case you run out of time to take a lunch break – like Energy Bars, Granola Bars)

Water Bottle (staying hydrated is key!)

So there you have it. It's pretty extensive! But it means I've got you covered!

Lauren x


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