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Want to Save Money on Your Wedding (DON'T DO THIS!)

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

With the pennies being tighter than usual at the moment, saving is everything, especially when it comes to weddings and as they say take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

So here are my 6 top tips of DON'T DO'S to help you save money on your wedding. They all have one theme in common and that's quantity, you'll understand what I mean when you keep reading.

So let me explain...

'Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves'


Favours are lovely, they can be really personal and don't get me wrong I am a fan of favours but, they also get left behind on tables, people forget about them or thrown them away once they get home and they are EXPENSIVE!

If you're having a wedding for 100 - 150 guests these seemingly inexpensive favours of £3 - £5 each start to really add up and take up a good chunk of budget (which could be spent elsewhere). So don't bother!


Now maybe slightly controversial (and I love stationary!), but why not spend your invite budget on beautiful personalised 'on the day' stationary and make those super detailed rather than spending money on postal invites.

Again it all goes back to quantity, an invite might not seem that expensive but once you add them all up for your guest numbers then include the envelope, postage, the rsvp card which then also needs a return envelope and stamp your allocated budget then sky rockets.

Save that budget by sending e-invites or creating a wedding website and spend it on something else!

Guest Numbers

Obviously you'll need guests if you're getting married, but guests numbers have a huge impact on your budget and ultimately effect everything - they will effect the size of venue you need, the amount of meals and drinks, the amount of tables which in turn effects the amount of chairs, linen, tableware, floral centre pieces and stationary all of which adds up!

Numbers have the BIGGEST impact on your budget so if you're looking to save money then really think about reducing your guest numbers.

Plus Ones

Plus ones are NOT necessary! You do not need to invite someone to your wedding that you have NEVER met! The person you are inviting and debating whether they should have a plus one, will be okay! They are highly likely to know someone else that's invited to your wedding.

If that said person is in a new relationship then it's completely up to you whether you invite them but do not feel obliged to, if they are engaged or married then yes they should be invited.


Champagne is expensive so swap this for a cheaper version like Prosecco or Cava or even a completely different drink, if you'd prefer to have G&T's or Pimms as your arrival drink then what's stopping you! Again it comes back to quantity, most of your guests will have at least one glass of bubbly (or more!) as well as one for the toasts during dinner which all adds up so swapping to a cheaper alternative will save you money.


Now I'm a big lover of dessert, you can never beat a good piece of chocolatey goodness at the end of a meal but to save money why not have your starter and main and then serve your wedding cake as dessert, it saves you paying for a whole extra course!

You also don't have to have a 3 course meal, you could have a buffet or street food which could save you money so look at the different options available and decide which is right for you. Ultimately it again comes back to quantity and the amount of mouths you need to feed!

So there you have it, my 6 top tips for saving money on your wedding day.

If you want to save money then don't do these!

Lauren xx


Photos by: 1 & 3. Sophie Duckworth Photography 2. Ross Hurley


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