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Online Wedding Planning Resources to Level Up During Lockdown

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So follow on from last weeks post, where I discussed what you can be doing to continuing your wedding planning during lockdown.

Let's dive into the different resources available online to aid your wedding planning and up level your skills!

We either have a little bit more time back at the moment You may still be working, but your evenings and weekends perhaps aren't quite as busy. Or perhaps you have your daytimes freed up a little bit as well.

Why not look at ways you can use online resources to level up your skills and gain extra knowledge and know-how?

I've been doing a little research and here are my favourite online resources.

1. Calligraphy with Louise from Lou Paper

Louise is a calligrapher, stationer and all round design genius. From making the most inspired invitations suites and on the day wedding stationery to teaching calligraphy workshops. Louise in super quick time has put her calligraphy workshops online. I'll be honest, i'm toying with enrolling as this is definitely somewhere I want to level up (you'll be amazed how often I have to do something last minute with a calligraphy pen on a wedding day!). Her course is accessible, at a fantastic price point and with her teaching style is friendly. You have everything you need posted out to you and the tutorials are then emailed over for you to go at your own pace!

What a great skill to add to your list and use for your wedding invitations, place names and so on!

2. Floral Styling Tutorials

Two florists of whom I am a big fan of their styles are offering some creative workshops online during this time.

Botanical Tales - Bex Patridge from Botanical tales, works with dried flowers. She forages and creates sustainable pieces that last. Her work is truly beautiful. She is releasing an online tutorial in May to create your own seasonal wreath. Foraging your own pieces or buying what you can. I love this idea and that you can make a few pieces that last and can be used on your wedding day.

Kate Avery Flowers- Kate is a Surrey based wedding florist, with impeccable romantic style. She currently has a similar offering, where people can buy a simple set online and will be emailed a tutorial to create a floral hoop. Again these can make beautiful centre pieces on your wedding day or little focal points, or pew ends. There truly are so many options and with them being dried, not only are they on trend, but they can be made in advance and still have life in them for your wedding day.

3. The Bride Plan

This resource is one of my own. An online wedding planning course that takes you all the way from A-Z. From budget creation, to etiquette, what to ask your wedding venue, design boards, the ceremony, reception, plus all the tools to make the day perfect. There are video tutorials, digital downloads and checklist to keep you on track throughout the whole process. I currently offering is at a special rate to add a little sunshine to all the brides in this crazy time.

Use coupon code : SUNSHINE86 for a mega £211 discount!

4. Self Care

During this time so many people are taking the opportunity to look after themselves and show themselves a little self care. If you had a goal for your wedding day or just simply wanted to feel better about yourself and show yourself a little love, then now is the time to do it!

Fiit App- I have shared my love for this app before, but I will again as I really do love it. I've been using this app since January 2019, when I got back in to working out post baby number 2! I have dipped in and out, but I am most definitely

dipping in every week at the moment. So many workouts, so many training plans, amazing trainers, some of whom you will know. And if you go for the paid version, you have a monitor to track your points and heart rate, you can take part in live classes and climb the leaderboard. I am very competitive and this function is my favourite as I really push to climb that leaderboard! If you're looking to feel fit and healthy, then check it out for free!

Click here to use my coupon code and get £20 off if you decide to subscribe and join me in live classes!

5. YouTube

An amazing free resource with endless information. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know what YouTube is. It is owned by google and is the second largest search engine! With so many people posting how to's and giving away information for free, you can learn so much by just spending a little time searching.

Why not check out my youtube channel HERE.

Lauren xx


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