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Being your true self and forging the right path for you - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

S3 Episode 3: Being your true self and forging the right path for you



This weeks episode I delve into my past to help you understand how being your true self when setting up your business is honestly the most important thing. If I was given this advice before starting Bluebird Creative then I would have got to where I am now a lot quicker but in some ways it helped me even more so to find out who I was and find my own business path.

[2:22] - Being Your True Self

What does that actually mean being your true self? You hear this all the time and it can be crucial for any personal business as everyone is seeking a personal authentic connection online first before they buy into their business or service. But how?

[4:59] - How I'm My True Self

I always get feedback from clients saying I have a vibe and they're almost shocked that I'm the same person on zoom calls to how I am in my Youtube and on Socials and that's why being your true self is so important.

[7:00] - Storytime

Listen to how I started my business not as my true self, how I was lost and confused and believe it or not petrified of being on camera!

[9:45] - Forging Your Own Path

It's easy to set up your own business and follow those with similar businesses but what makes you stand out and make your business your own, listen to my own story to find as I even fell into this trap.

[17:12] - Don't Be Afraid

If you can see an opportunity then go for it! You don't have to follow the norm!


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